Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Trickster's Choice

When first starting this book I was a little disappointed. I had read great reviews about the author’s previous works and in the beginning, Trickster’s Choice, wasn’t capturing me in the author’s world like I had hoped it would. After a couple more chapters I was hooked on this unique story.  I love strong main female characters and this story has a great one, a girl that you will add to your list of favorite heroines.
When I was younger I enjoyed the idea of becoming a spy. Though I knew it was dangerous and possibly a deadly job I always thought about all the exciting things you could learn and experience from having a job like that. The main character from Trickster’s Choice, Alianne of Pirates Swoop better known, as Aly is strong, brave, courageous, and she’s a spy.
I absolutely loved the part in this book that was about Aly and her spy activities.  She was one of those heroines that knew what she wanted to do and she had plans on how she wanted to do it. As a spy she met and helped interesting people, but she also was able to go and do things that she never in her life thought she would do. As a spy she knew how to find things and how to notice little details that others would not notice which helped her in everything she did and also made for an interesting read for someone like me who has thought of being a spy. Though I loved this spy aspect of the book I was a little disappointed in the lack of action seeing as the book revolved around Aly as a spy. When you think of spies you think ACTION! ADVENTURE! and for me that was one thing this book lacked  a bit of. Nevertheless, the way that the author wrote about Aly’s spy work was captivating. I just wished it had included some more of Aly in action.
Mythology is one of my favorite genres to read, no matter the kind. Gods, Goddesses, and myths that we have never heard of come to life in Trickster’s Choice. The author, Tamora Pierce creates her own myths and her own mythology, which makes the story all the more fascinating.
Usually when reading an adventure/action book with a heroine as the main character I enjoy it when there is a little romance on the side along with the action in the book. Trickster’s Choice provides just that with a unique character as Aly’s love interest, Nawat, a person who isn’t really a person at all. Nawat is a crow that has turned man. As an agreement with a god, Nawat is teaching Aly how to communicate with crows and as they become friends Nawat decides to become a crow man. What makes this relationship so special is that since Nawat was a crow before he became a man he does things differently than a normal male might do. This unique character and love interest is just one of the many things that you will enjoy about this book.
Overall, I thought this book was a pretty decent read. The beginning was a little slow but the plot came through and the book took me off on an amazing journey through a new world of mythology and magical characters.

My rating for Trickster's Choice is 4 out of 5 palm trees