Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: The Goddess Test

Books about Greek mythology intrigue me.  Every time I hear about a book that has Greek mythology in it I immediately snatch it up and I have to read it.  I love hearing different authors perspectives on the old tales and how they change them and make them relate to this newer day and age. The GoddessTest by Aimee Carter gives an all new twist to the myth of Persephone and Hades.
After reading the excerpt and others gushing reviews I have to say I had some pretty high expectations of this book.  It was because of these high expectations that I did not enjoy the book as much as I thought I would.  The book was not bad, it just was not the amazingly, awesome Greek mythology, action-packed book I had expected and it has to be absolutely amazing for me to really like a romance book.
Most reviews have gushed over the romance part of this book which was swoon worthy, but, by just reading the excerpt I  had assumed that it was more action packed than it actually was.   One specific quote led me astray. “He claims to be Hades, god of the Underworld--and if she accepts his bargain, he'll keep her mother alive while Kate tries to pass seven tests.” I have read many books regarding Greek mythology.  This quote stating that the main character Kate had to try and pass these seven tests led me to believe that that this was not just going to be a regular romance book.   Other Greek mythology stories tell you about all the challenges and tests that these heroes have to go through and they are never easy. Most of the challenges Kate endures don’t really seem like challenges at all but things that she probably should not do anyways.
I love well developed characters and the stories I enjoy the most are ones where I can connect and sometimes swoon over them. I am sad to say that Henry better known as Hades the male lead  in this book was not the guy for me.  While I understand that Henry was going through an awful heartbreak with Persephone the love of his life, I felt like he was sad and depressed all the time and it made him a somewhat boring character.   
Though the majority of this review has been about what I disliked about this
story, there were many parts that I did enjoy!! I really loved how the Greek gods were like normal people. Instead of completely portraying them as mystical, godly beings the reader gets to see them in a more humane light.  Lots of them even become friends with Kate as she goes through her challenges.
James and Kate were by far my two favorite characters.  James was just like his god he portrayed and knowing lots about the different Greek gods I could tell which one he was from the beginning.  He was so supportive of Kate, even when she was angry with him.   I would have liked him to end up with Kate instead of Henry. They just seemed like the better match. My favorite thing about Kate was that she was such a strong character, emotionally.  Some of the people and things she had to deal with I probably would not have been able to handle as calmly as she had.  Her mind was her own and she didn’t let anyone influence her choices. 
The end of this book was really enjoyable for me. It answers a lot of questions and it ties almost everything together which I was really appreciative of because 9 times out of 10 I hate cliffhangers.
For the most part I thought this book was pretty good.  Although The Goddess Test lacked a few aspects that I wished it had included like action I enjoyed reading The Goddess Test and would recommend it to any Greek mythology fan. Or if you happen to be a romance fan, readers of that genre will also find this book a enjoyable read. Even though this wasn’t my favorite book, I do look forward to reading the sequel: Goddess Interrupted.  As I am a softie for Greek Mythology.

My rating for The Goddess Test is 3 out of 5 palm trees


  1. I absolutely loved this book! So glad you enjoyed it as well!

  2. Great review Tristan!
    I agree I really enjoyed The Goddess Test but I felt it lacked in a couple of places. I could definitely have used a bit more action at times. I am a huge Greek Mythology fan though so I loved that whole aspect. I am very curious to see where this story will go next in Goddess Interrupted.

  3. I didn't really enjoy this one ...As you pointed out we couldn't really get to know the characters that well and the story seemed a bit rushed


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